Canjoris Entertainment is an Animation house of 2D Digital Animation, 3D and Gamming and Walk throughs, founded in 2014 over 36 artists work in this facility staffed with top animation professionals.

Our Strengths :

  • Canjoris Entertainment is one of the pioneers in the Indian animation industry.
  • Unique knowledge of developing original Indian IP Content and 100% created in-house, ensuring   great flexibility and high speed of development.
  • Very strong in original Indian animation content development.
  • Support from leading kids TV channels (Cartoon Network, Pogo and Disney) in launching our animation content.
  • Studio located at Hyderabad, Indias leading IT destination.
  • High creative satisfaction amongst employees.
  • Well-trained work force with quality work output.


Our passion is to provide quality of animation for outsourcing and as well as in house production with the qualified animators. Finally our mission is to maintain the market standards and make them satisfied.

Canjoris Animation is the only Indian company to diversify itself in to multiple domains and it is a pioneer in exploring new revenue streams apart from traditional sources such as L&M activity and Digital Media. Furthermore, it is the first Indian company trying reach out to global audience with original Indian animated content.

Canjoris is the Indian animation company to have successfully monetized its IPs beyond Television. Finally our mission is to maintain the market standards and make them satisfied.

We Design Concepts, Story Boarding, Character Design,Layouts, Backgrounds, Animation, VFX, Editing and Compositing with well experienced team of animators, art directors and technical team without compromising the quality of work and deliver in time without fail.

Application portfolio rationalization. More often than not, data quality across wide-spread systems within the agency is in question. Canjoris’s team of advisors help drive your education initiatives with data integrity processes that enable a single source of truth.

Data-driven decisions. Critical decisions are sometimes made with incomplete data. Bringing the right data together in real-time is a cornerstone of effective analytics. Canjoris’s services seek to uncover the path to accurate data retrieval in order to improve decision-making.

In the age of “technologization” where everything is being transformed at a rapid pace , acceptance to this very fact whilst maintaining the yester years aesthetics of storytelling driven by passion, experience, creativity and adaptability unites us to form Canjoris entertainment.

Canjoris entertainment was started in 2014 by Mr. Sivakumar , it is one of the first few entrants in the Indian animation industry with the unique knowledge of developing original IP Content. It created a niche for itself in the industry by producing high quality 2D based projects.

Canjoris entertainment is develpoing with the vision to reach out to global audience with original Indian animated content.

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Concept Designing, Character Design, Story Boarding, Layout Designing, E-Learning